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Driver License Handbook | Learner's Permit Sample Test

Non-US Citizens and residents of American Territories are required to have an appointment.

Driver’s license road tests and appointments for Non-US Citizens/Residents of American Territories are available to Sumter County Residents only.

Beginning January 1, 2010, Florida will have new documentation requirements for residents renewing or obtaining a new driver license or identification card. For office visits, you must bring original documents that prove your identity, social security number and residential address

One of the following original or certified primary documents:

·         U.S. Birth Certificate or Birth Registration Birth certificates must be issued by the authorized government jurisdiction. Hospital birth certificates are not acceptable for primary identification.

·        Valid U.S. Passport (passport book or passport card)

·        Certificate of Naturalization

·        Certificate of Citizenship


Legal Name Change (if applicable)

·        Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court orders that show name change(s)


Proof of Social Security Number:  You need to bring one:

·        Social Security Card

·        W-2 Form

·        SSA-1099

·        Non-SSA-1099

·        Pay Stub containing individuals name and Social Security number


Residential Address (BRING TWO)

·          Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet, or rental agreement

·          Florida voter registration card

·          Florida vehicle registration or title

·          W-2 form or 1099 form

·          Utility bill, hookup, or  work order not more than two months old

·          Current automobile or homeowner’s insurance policy or bill

·          Mail from financial institutions, not more than two months old

·          Medical or health card with address listed

·          A letter from a shelter or half-way house verifying that applicant lives at the address

·          Educational transcripts for current school year

·          Statement from an accompanying parent, stepparent or guardian residing at the same address as applicant. The parent or guardian must present proof of residential address.


Non-U.S. Citizens

Immigrants: Identification (BRING ONE)

·          Alien registration receipt card (green card, Form I-551) or I-551 stamp in passport or on I-94

·          Immigration judge’s order with applicant’s A-number (granting asylum)

·          I-797, with A-number indicating granting of asylum

·          I-797 or another form from the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration with the applicant’s A number, stating approval of refugee status

Non-immigrants: Some documents require other supporting documents. Before going to offices read the full requirements at or call (850) 617-3995.


If you are an honorably discharged military veteran, bring in your DD-214 to have a Veteran designation added to your license for a small fee. If you are a 100% disabled veteran, bring in your benefits letter from the Veteran’s Administration that shows you are 100% disabled for a discounted license or ID card.


2. Or bring one of the following:

Proof of non- from********NO XEROX OR FAX COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED********


For more information you can go online to:

Or call our Bushnell office at 352-569-6740 or Village Sumter County Service Center at 352-689-4540

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