Taxing Authority Descriptions

General Fund (BCC GENERAL)

General Fund budget contains funds that will be needed to carry on functions and activities of the county government and various state programs the county is funds. Some of the departments and functions funded in General Fund are: Elected Officials Offices (Law Enforcement, Corrections, Property Appraisal, Tax Collections, Elections, Clerk's Recording and Administration), Planning and Development, Animal Control, Parks and Recreation, Emergency Services, Veterans Services, Mosquito Control, Library Services, Housing, Code Compliance, County Finance, Risk Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal Services, and County Facilities.

Health Trust (BCC HEALTH)

The Sumter County Health Department provides public health services, clinical services, environmental services, maintains birth and death vital records, and prevention measures for communicable diseases. These services are provided under the terms of a contract between the Board of Sumter County Commissioners and the Florida Department of Health. Funding is provided thru county, state, federal, and other sources, the major source offering being state revenue sources. The Board of Sumter County Commissioners works very closely with the Health Department in their mission to promote the health and safety of all residents of Sumter County .

County Transportation Trust (CTT)

The County Transportation Trust Fund budget contains funds designated for County road maintenance. Although the fund's primary funding source is gas tax, beginning in FY 2007-08 Ad Valorem millage has been added to assist in funding road maintenance programs.

Sumter County School Board

The Sumter County School Board Fund contains funds designated for The Sumter County School District.

SWFWMD- South West Florida Water Management District or call 352-796-7211

Sumter County Fire


Villages Special Assessments

A – Maintenance
B – Bond

For questions regarding these Special Assessments please contact The Village District Office at 352-751-3900.